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With the struggles that our industry is currently facing, we have been thinking of ways to support our community of writers, actors and directors.

The Rebound Community project is here to help you promote your work. It is free to join and everyone is welcome to participate. 

Every week we will choose a series of monologues, written by new and up and coming writers. For every monologue, we will link up an actor and a director, they will work together as a team  and the final tape with the actor’s performance will be added to our monologue gallery and shared on our social media channels the following week. The monologue gallery is a place where agents and CDs can find new talent.

The aim not just to promote new writing, but also to form connections within our industry. Directors will get to discover new pieces of work and meet new actors, and actors will learn from working with a director in a brand new piece.

The project is free for everyone to participate, however if you would like to support us, you can become a Rebound Productions member for £20 per year and enjoy the perks of our membership.

*Applications are currently closed. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to be the first to know when they re-open.

Image by Rémi Walle
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