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Auditioning and self taping is the gateway for actors to obtain roles and further their careers. The only way to master such a skill is constant practice. This course is designed to help you build confidence and take ownership over your work.

Every course contains 1 x DRAMA, 1 x COMEDY and 1 x AMERICAN PROCEDURAL sessions.

Please note that the last course has started and you will not be able to book it. Our courses will r​esumen in 2021.


Ana Cardoso

Within just one session, I learnt so much. The feedback was truly valuable, honest and insightful. I was able to walk away with the confidence to analyse both the technical and artistic aspects to my performance. Can’t wait to do more!" 


Charlie Collicut

It was so brilliant to get back into some acting practice after all this time. Thank you to the tutor for your articulate and incredibly useful feedback, and to Rebound Productions for the opportunity. Excellent stuff!"


Daniella Harry

I highly recommend this course if you are having trouble with self tapes or want to be taught the techniques that could make your self tape better! The tutor goes through each self tape and provides feedback catered to you. An honest and friendly conversation



Issey Walton

I learnt so much and I feel so much more confident about doing self tapes in the future


Adam Edward-Barlow

I fully recommend this course, insightful and valuable feedback

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